Friday, May 14, 2010

A special group of people....

Last Saturday, we drove about 2 hours to Lakota Ranch. It was a beautiful place. However, the reason we were there was much more special. We were attending a fundraiser for the Laila Rose Foundation. This foundation has been a blessing to us. They have helped us pay for Michael's cleft surgery and his speech therapy. Please take time to look at their website, read about what they do, and if you can support them.

We had a wonderful time at the fundraiser. We met the wonderful people who run and support the foundation. Everyone was so nice. We were also able to spend time with our friends the Harvers, whose son Levi is also from China. There was so much to do. They had sheep races, raffles, food, music, bull bingo, a fire truck, an ambulance, and so much more.  Michael especially liked the fire truck and the animals. We were standing there watching the bull bingo, aka waiting for the bull to do his business in a numbered square (you would think being from rural Alabama I would have heard of this before, but it was new to me), and Mark (one of the Laila Rose Foundation board members) asked Michael if he wanted to ride the bull. This was a 3,200 hundred pound bull. Without hesitation or evening looking at us to see if it was okay, he threw his cup down and ran toward the bull. He was so excited to ride a REAL bull like a REAL cowboy.

Michael had so much fun that the next day he asked if we could go back. Hopefully, we will be able to go again next year.

On Sunday, we celebrated Uncle Wo's (Joe's) birthday a little late. We had a cookout next door with Bill's dad, Joe, Joseph, Bill's sister, and her fiance. It was nice to have everyone together.

I may be on a hiatus for a couple of weeks. We do not have any major plans this week and Michael will be headed to see Gamma and Papa next Friday for a week. If I do not write more before then, have a wonderful Memorial Day!

Our little fireman

Filling a big hat

Ready to Roll

Stop, Drop, & Roll

Mommy & her little man

Watching the Sheep

Riding the bull.... Thank you Mark!

Uncle Wo, Wo Wo, and Michael

Saturday, May 1, 2010

1st Swimming Lesson & 1st Fishie

Today, Michael had his first swimming lesson. He loved it and smiled the whole time. He loves the water and is fearless. He loves to jump into the pool whether it is from the side or a diving board, so it is a necessity that he learn to swim. He went right to Ms. Kelly and listened to her VERY well.

Since Michael was good all week for Mommy while Baba was out of town for work and since he listened to Ms. Kelly during swimming lessons, we promised him a special prize. After swimming, lessons we headed to the pet store and bought him his first fishie. It is a goldfish. Michael has named it "A-B-C-D Fish."